Recording a lecture can have a positive impact

Student veterans can often benefit from recording lectures since they may be rebuilding their academic skills after time away from the classroom. If students have recording as an approved accommodation from student disability services, then they have the legal right to do so. However, if there are times when you feel it is not appropriate you can ask students to turn off their devices. 

Consider recording your lectures yourself and sharing them with students. This allows you to provide a valuable resource and have greater control over the recorded content.

Points to Consider

  • Many student veterans still rely on oral communication even with hearing loss, therefore recording their class lectures allows them to review their course material in a format that is comfortable for them.
  • Recording the class lecture allows the student to review the lecture:
    • at a volume that works for them
    • they are also able to manipulate the voice to find a voice-style that is easier for them to understand
    • they are able to slow-down or speed-up the pace in which the recording is played
    • they can review the sections that they may have missed because of their hearing loss.
  • In heavily laden lectures where few notes are written, if the student veteran cannot hear the lecture clearly or all parts then recording allows them get the material.
  • For students with hearing loss that use lip-reading, constantly looking down to take notes during a lecture or writing down information from the board breaks their site-line and therefore impacts their ability to follow the lecture.
  • By recording the student veteran can stay engaged during class and then review the material’s audio components with the notes they focused on writing down during class.
  • Protecting your intellectual property, as an instructor you could pre-record your class or record during class and share via an online portal to all your students. This process allows any student who may benefit from a recording of the lecture, while allowing you control of what content is shared.

Online Considerations

Recording helps all students not just student veterans

  • Recording the lectures allows students to go back and listen o information again
  • Recording allows students to access the content if they were unable to be present at the time of the class
  • Recording allows students with hearing loss to replay the content to make sure they hear and with close-captioning read information they may have missed
  • Recordings can be turned into transcripts; Zoom provides that options
    • See captioning resources on the “Resource” tab