PG2G was interested in the student veteran experience with service-connected hearing loss and tinnitus on learning and interacting with the college campus. To understand the student veteran experience PG2G has collected data in two-stages. Stage one was the original data collection which comprised of focus groups. Stage two has been the collection of random samples of campus-specific data. In addition, PG2G has conducted evaluations of the professional development. Please click on the following sections for more information on each dataset. All research conducted by PG2G has been IRB approved through the Rochester Institute of Technology, informed consent was obtained for all participants and participants had the option to opt out of answering questions in the survey. 

Focus Group Data

In order to understand the experience of service-connected hearing loss and tinnitus, PG2G used a purposeful sample of hand-selected student veterans who had hearing loss and/or tinnitus. PG2G used focus groups to learn directly from the student veterans about their experience. Focus groups were held at California Community colleges, California has one of the largest student veteran populations in their 115 community college system. All focus groups were led by PG2G team members. All sessions were recorded and transcribed. The transcriptions were coded and themed. During the focus groups, the student veterans also participated in survey data collection. Together, the information collected during the focus group interviews and the survey data were used to create the Top Ten Things Student Veterans Would Like Faculty to Know. The following data set are the responses to the survey by participants in the focus groups. 

In total there were 26 participants. Participants were allowed to skip questions. All responses shown are based on the number of participants who responded to each question.

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Campus-Specific Data

Part of PG2G’s professional development is to support campuses understand their own unique student veteran demographics and experience. PG2G provides the survey used in the original data collection to campuses prior to the professional development. The student veterans who participate in the campuses-specific data collection for the professional development are random samples, where all student veterans who attend the institution are allowed to participate in the survey regardless of hearing loss and/or tinnitus status. Data collected from the campus is integrated into the Top Ten presentation, this tailored dataset allows faculty, staff and administrators to learn about how the Top Ten items directly apply to their student veteran demographic. Campuses retain a copy of their dataset to be used at their direction. The following datasets are from campuses that have requested the survey. 

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