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No two veterans are alike. For student veterans in higher education in particular, many different dynamics are at play. Each student veteran will have his or her own unique experience and we should avoid generalizing conditions or stereotyping “all veterans.” Hearing loss, one of the most common disabilities in the military, often goes formally undiagnosed or unaddressed, and can have a significant impact on students’ learning and their ability to connect and communicate with other students and instructors.

To help provide the best access to learning for all student veterans, the Top Ten Things Student Veterans Would Like Faculty to Know was created.

Many of the above suggestions follow the guidelines for Universal Design for Instruction (UDI) which is an approach that provides equal access to learning for all students by designing course instruction, materials, and content that benefit students of all learning styles.

This document is the result of student veteran participation in focus groups conducted at California Community Colleges with support from DeafTEC, an NSF ATE National Center of Excellence.